Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes

09.10.2012 Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium

When somebody calls someone else "best guitar player in the world" - well, nice. But if that somebody is Eric Clapton, you better believe it! I did, went there, and - believed. I'm not the classic fan of Country music, normally; i'm more the Blues-kinda guy. However, when five experts-in-the-field play it like that  -  i'm all for that country style! 

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After the show, Albert told me he was going to play the 2013 Crossroads Festival in Madison Square Garden N.Y. (along with E.C.). Damn :-) - I'd give i-dunno-what to see THAT festival live, just for once in my life! if anyone's got any bonus miles left to give away, and maybe knows some cheap hotel in NY... call me! ;-)